Solar parabolic mirror Hoyer system heating


for houses without a water cycle lasts 200 years.


50% cheaper and up to 95% less electricity and energy




Eric Hoyer


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Diagramme meiner Erfindungen und Verfahren für ein gesamtes Energiewende-Projekt:


Eric Hoyer

Erfinder und Forscher







Solar-parabolic-mirror-Hoyer system heating for houses without water
Circulation systems, lasts 200 years. System 50% cheaper and up to 95% less,
electricity and energy consumption! With the solar-energy-room-Hoyer,
approx. 2,000 hours of sunshine per year is reduced to 500 to 900 °C
and stored in stone, for up to 6 months up to 6 months.
Heat-center-Hoyer without water cycle. Global breakthrough in heating and savings,
also for trade and industry.
Waste heat is transferred up to 20 times faster, then with waterwhich is the
decisive factor!
The real energy transition began with, the Hoyer ball heating system, redistributing
heat and waste heat up to 2,300 °C.
I am looking for sponsors and investors for sub-areas or the
entire project. Solar-energy-room-Hoyer is looking for cooperation that,
projects, sells and builds parabolic mirrors with ball-heating-Hoyer.
Sponsors and investors for my Kugelheizung-Hoyer
- ball-heating-Hoyer - .
Search for the construction of natural-energy centers, promoters, and investors.
These are mainly larger systems that are decentralized near towns, cities or
commercial areas. Ideally, they should be combined with hydroelectric power plants,
that exist.
Solid storage tanks, – up to 16 million only EU – small and large, made of stone and,
other materials, for storing heat up to approx. 900 °C and their insulation and
built-in temperature-dependent control.
Hoyer turbine global new, replacing the Kaplan-Turbine for approx. 7,000 Flow
power plants, as bypass systems behind existing steel sheet piling walls in towns and
cities and industrial plants along rivers.
For my solar systems Hoyer, I am looking for funding for my entire system, etc.
for houses, trade, or industry controls to optimize my systems, which take over
the distribution and sale.
There are no better and cheaper heating systems in the world!
I have invented a total of 45 inventions and processes, some of which are not
state of the art!
Eric Hoyer
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